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lindsey knudson

certified personal trainer

My true journey into fitness began after my first child was born, and I found myself training to get back in shape at Stephanie Boone’s studio. Growing up movement was always a part of my life. I grew up running with my mom and swimming in lakes near my home, played field hockey in high school and swam on the swim team. But like many young women I struggled with my identity, my self esteem, and overall body image. Somewhere along the way I fell out of fitness.

During college I studied ecological agriculture, and tried to make my way as a farmer. I enjoyed several stints on various sustainable farms, but still felt it wasn’t quite the right path for me. I had two children and became a stay at home mom when I started training with Steph.

Suddenly during my training, it all clicked.
I loved the way training made me feel, how motivating it was to move, and what a better mom, wife and friend I was when training. I felt stronger after each session and even better about myself. I fell back in love with fitness, and wanted to help others find a way of wellbeing that was comfortable and motivating to them. So I pursued my certification in personal training, and having been training individuals since 2016.

I strive to work the whole body and mind, both through proper form and creating awareness of our own behaviors surrounding health. I utilize many different modalities of exercise including free weights, TRX training, yoga, Pilates and exercises using your own body weight, as well as many others. I believe in moderation, even in moderation. And I hope to help others find such a balance.