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Cait Golins, LMT

I moved to Missoula from Chicago in 2004 to attend the University of Montana. After graduating from UM with a  BA in Liberal Studies, I had every intention of returning to Grad School for a Masters in Social Work. After a few short years of working in the field of social work, my gears shifted and I found myself searching for a new path; a path that would still allow me to engage with other while assisting them with their personal well being. Massage was the perfect fit!

Looking back, massage therapy was an unintentional passion of mine stemming from when I was a child. I have always been moved by touch, be it rubbing elbows with someone at the grocery store to a long hug of a close friend or family member. It wasn’t until attending The New School for Massage, Bodywork and Healing in downtown Chicago that my passion for massage therapy became intentional and a perfect reality as my career path. Through my studies at The New School, I became competent and proficient in anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology, along with Swedish, Sports and Deep Tissue Massage.I have been practicing massage since 2010. My future goals and certifications will include, but will not be limited to: massage cupping, reflexology, lymphatic drainage and Thai massage.

To me, human touch awakens the senses and soothes to soul. This is what drives me to help others realize the value and limitless opportunities massage can provide for our body, mind and spirit. I strive to educate others on how to incorporate massage into their lives. Massage therapy is not just for the wealthy or a luxurious day at the spa once a year, but a vital tool that can be used to reduce headaches, decrease depression and anxiety, promote weight loss, energize fatigued muscles and much more. I truly believe in the art of massage therapy. The healing properties massage brings to us are never ending and constantly evolving.


30 minutes – $35
60 minutes – $60
90 minutes – $80